July 22, 2008

Plastique de Réve 'Lost in the City' 12"
out July 29, 2008

After several very successful releases on Gigolo Records and Tiga's label Turbo, Swiss producer Plastique De Réve unleashes a 12" on Death From Abroad that has the potential to be a future classic. This time he leaves behind the dark EBM influenced attitude from past releases and goes deeper on one side of the record (Lost In The City) while showing his fun-loving tongue-in-cheek approach on the flip (Resist).

The A-Side sees him touch base with his Chi-House and Acid roots, serving us a true gem of deep Acid-House featuring 18-year old talent Ghostape on a captivating vocal performance. Even though the track at first listen seems to be of the relaxed kind, it's on the dancefloor where it unveils all it's pure energy and effective dynamics. Sub-bass notes peeking out behind the extremely hooky main 303 sequence and surgically precise placed hihats give Lost In The City an irresistible groove and when the vocals and strings kick in it transcends from instant floor filler to a classic pop song.

The flip side track Resist on the other side shows Daze (that's his real name) toying with Ghetto-Tech cliches, delivering a steamroller-like groove at 138 bpm, able to get any peaktime dancefloor to ecstatic heights. Featuring whacky cheering routines by The Radical Cheerleaders, a group of anti-globalization girls that tours stadiums in the US and Canada, the track is a nonstop firework of galloping bass, brass samples, twisted acid and euphoric vocal samples.


May 7, 2008

Death From Abroad Presents Supersoul Recordings 'Nobody Knows Anything'

'Nobody Knows Anything'is a collection of tracks that Berlin based Supersoul Recordings has put out via vinyl and digital in their first two years of existence.

The label was founded by Xaver Naudascher in 2006 and its stylistic identity revolves around the cornerstones of electronic dance music: Krautrock, Italo Disco, Electro, Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

Every artist featured on the Supersoul label has drawn inspiration from these music styles in different ways. It is this combination of styles and artists that makes Supersoul one of the most distinct and distinguished labels to emerge in ages and one of the few seemingly fit and ready to carry the heritage of dance music far into the future. An excerpt from the press release of the first twelve inch released on Supersoul Recordings sums up the vibe that has accompanied the label from the very start:

"If Mos Eisley (the town in Star Wars) had an underground dance club, it's resident DJ would be Xaver Naudascher. His hi-tech lunar disco beats would be shaking the transparent dance floor overlooking nebulas and neighboring galaxies. Androids and other strange creatures would be dancing, smoking and drinking casually alongside humans, while the full spectrum stroboscopes makes their bone structure visible to the rhythm of the music. Giant speakers would be pumping out a mixture of strange noises, hypnotic melodies and pounding drums, quoting, recycling and rephrasing universal music history, reminding the crowd why they still go out dancing almost every night after all these years."


October 25, 2007

DEATH FROM ABROAD is born from the frustration of not being able to obtain certain records from overseas non-US based artists. The goal of this label is to act in unison with DFA in showcasing great new music but with Death from Abroad the focus is squarely on new talent from outside the US and across the world.

Launching the label is "K-Choppers" from Mock & Toof - first discovered by DFA label co owner/manager Jon Galkin when Mock submitted a demo via the DFA website. The duo were then commissioned by DFA to do a remix for Juan Maclean and a remix for Hot Chip. Since then they have released an already out of print and now highly collectable, single - "Black Jub" on their own UK label Tiny Sticks, a single on Japan's Mule Musiq, and an edit on Rvng Intl label. In addition they've completed remixes for the likes of The Scissor Sisters, Maps, Gomma and Rebirth & Supersoul. Recently the guys have been busy in the studio doing remixes for George Demure (Tirk), Spektrum and the Holy Ghost! (DFA) as well as follow up singles. Out Now Digitally. Vinyl 12" out September 18.

The second release shows how broad the mandate for Death From Abroad can be with a psychedelica inspired single from Osaka based producer Altz. In Japan Altz has released four albums but he's known internationally for the UK reissue of his third album "La La La" on Steve Kotey's (Chicken Lips) Bear Funk imprint. The single also features Yoshimi from Boredoms on it - the second time she's been featured on DFA - the first was her side project J.O.Y. London's deepest disco dubbers The Idjut Boys also complete the 12" with a pair of stunning remixes. Out Now Digitally. Vinyl 12" out September 18.

The third release comes from the duo behind legendary London club night "Druzzis Baltimore Rave Club" - Riton and Ben Fat Trucker aka Gucci Soundsystem. Ben's band Fat Truckers has long been a DFA favorite, whilst Gucci Soundsystem have been cementing their reputation with remixes for the likes of Tiefschwarz and Soulwax and tracks on labels like Output, DJ Gigolo, Get Physical and City Rockers. This single was originally released as a limited edition 12" by the UK's Bugged Out! last year. A staple since then in James Murphy's DJs sets the record has been picked up with the goal of giving it a broader audience. To give it some additional edge respected remixer Paris' Joakim has been brought in to add his special touch. Digital & Vinyl 12" out September 18.

Next up will be a single from Frenchmen Bot’Ox (aka Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz of T]ékë) - 'Tragedy Symphony / Babylon By Car'. Release date to be announced soon.


cage & aviary 'max motion' 12"

a. television train
b. suburban

12" out now
itunes download


death from abroad presents supersoul recordings 'nobody knows anything'

01. xaver naudascher - lost
02. mogg & naudascher - moon unit pt. 2
03. mogg & naudascher - moon unit pt. 1
04. walter jones - deuteronomy brown
    (i-f edit)
05. plastique de reve - resist
    feat. radical cheerleaders
06. strangelets - riot on planet 10
07. xaver naudascher - afterlife
08. max brannslokker - stropharia
09. walter jones - theodyssey sound
    (mogg & naudascher edit)
01. skatebård - marimba
02. plastique de reve - lost in the city
    feat. ghostape
03. xaver naudascher - motor city
04. strangelets - riot on planet 10
    (blitz gramscirmx)
05. mogg & naudascher - moon unit pt. 4
    feat. rosalind
06. skatebård - pagans
07. mogg & naudascher - moon unit pt. 3
    feat. arthurhornig
08. maxx brannslokker - solar trip
    feat. katya tyukova
09. skatebård - flexy
10. walter jones - a.i.p.
    (x.l.n.'s maison vumbi edit)

2xCD coming soon


plastique de réve 'lost in the city' 12"

a. lost in the city (feat. ghostape)
b. resist (feat. radical cheerleaders)

12"/digital out july 29, 2008


bot'ox 'babylon by car' 12"

a. babylon by car
b. tragedy symphony

12" out now
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gucci soundsystem 'acarpenter' 12"

a1. acarpenter
a2. lord a mercy
b1. acarpenter (joakim remix)

12" out now
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altz 'max motion' 12"

a1. max motion
a2. yello (original)
b1. yello (version idjut hoe down mix)
b2. yello (version idjut dub down mix)

12" out now
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mock & toof 'k-choppers' 12"

a. k-choppers
b. brownbred

12" out now
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